Astonishing Hidden Secrets About The Fangs Of The Big Sea Monster

We all have a certain hobby if collecting different items. People collect unique items which are gathered by different sources. When we go to the beach one thing that comes in mind is attack by this fierce animal and we all have watched JAWS a movie which has an impact on everyone well because of that movie we have a scary corner deep inside our heart for such a huge monster living in the oceans. Many of us have also seen different attacks done by this huge monster well an introduction about these scary monsters was because some of us buy shark teeth for sale in australia from different resources. This mighty animal has a very scary impact on our lives but we wear the fangs of this beast because of different hidden secrets from many of us are unaware.

  • Dangerous fangs of the monster becoming a hobby of people

As we all know this sea monster has a body which is made up of an elastic type of material and it has no bones so the only thing which is left behind is the jaw lined up with razor-sharp fangs when it is dead. After the body gets dissolved in the water the only thing is left is fossil jaw many divers have gone deep in the sea to find this unique piece of nature and many of the other people who can’t find buy shark teeth for sale from different resources and make it an addition in their collectibles.

  • Worn for protection by the surfers

It may sound crazy but it’s a myth that in the past people who dived more underwater to resource food wore the tooth of the mighty sea monster for protection. Many surfers have been its victim some have lost hands others have feet while some have been killed by this fierce beast. In the present age, some surfers also adore their neckline with the tooth or wear it as hand bracelet with the tooth hanging on their wrist in case they fall from the surfboard or get drowned by the wave they wear it for protection they buy from websites where they order shark teeth for sale online and get to protect themselves from this beast.

  • Worn by men as a symbol of courage

Man love to get attracted by a woman from where they can start a relationship and another hidden fact is that many men wear it as a necklace to get attracted by the women. They show their brave personality to other women and it is a myth that a person who wants to get in a relationship should wear these fangs so many men these days just go online and order shark teeth for sale and get an addition in their love life.