Protect Your Solar Panels From Birds

One of the most used alternatives for energy conservation that people resort to is installation of solar panels at your property. Having this is obviously environmentally friendly, but the maintenance of the panels is surely a task and especially when one has to keep them safe from birds of all sorts. The team at Elite bird takes notice of this problem faced by people and consequently come up with solutions to make your solar panels bird proof. The solution they have to offer is extremely simple; it is affordable and easy such that the solar panels are well maintained. They have a mesh especially designed to protect solar panels from birds such that the panels are not damaged. This is a highly recommend product this is because installing a solar panel is quite expensive and you definitely would not want that to go waste, therefore this little and thoughtful act of yours can save you from much expensive ones. 

Birds have over the years been recorded as a force that has destroyed many roofs and therefore it is natural that they can do the same to solar panels. They can do so by making nets under the panels, which the pigeons usually do, the bird droppings that accumulate, or birds that rest on panels and in many other ways they can cause deterioration of the solar panels. Any damage to pigeon nesting under solar panels directly affects the quality of the performance. And once a solar panel gets damaged, the cost for repairing can cost you more than the original price depending upon the extent of damage. But you can always avoid this by contacting Elite bird! There are many companies that provide similar products, but the quality of products offered by Elite bird, the advice of experts they have on board and their services to set these products in place are unparalleled.

Australia is one of those countries which receives ample amount of sunlight, keeping this fact in mind, the bird nettings are designed such that that can stand high levels of ultra violet rays. The bird nets therefore are made from Polyethylene in high density; this is because this material is more resistant to ultraviolet rays as compared to others in the market. It is along with stabilizers are used in making of nets such that they are resistant against water absorption and rot. So if you have solar panels installed, you must get the safety nest from Elite bird. For more information, you can contact the team at Elite bird and discuss your property and they can guide you on which product will well suit you.

Birds no doubt are beautiful and it is great to have them around, but to have a few around and having an infestation is different. You need to know the difference between the two and if you recognize that there is an infestation, then you must immediately contact the team at Elite bird and they will guide you what to do next.